3D2N Outdoor Adventure Camp Program



Program is designed and developed by Adventure Cultural Village (ACV) which tailored them using outdoor activities and sessions as vehicles to spark up awareness and create situations to learn positive thinking,  leadership, teamwork, communication, team spirit and cohesive interaction.

Participants are exposed to wide range of land, water and climbing activities which are run at privately owned 100 acres park.

In keeping with the adventure spirit, participants improvise resources in natural, challenging, fun and supportive environment.

For some, activities serve to understand personal  mental and physical strengths however, participants are respected to their existence and abilities. Everyone is valuable for ideas and contributions as well as a team player to meet goals.

During debrief and processing sessions, adjustment and flexibility have always platform for negotiation and open discussion to bring up the best  for everyone in win-win situation.

The presence of experienced personnels provide the necessary tips and highlights as when needed but individuals or groups are encouraged to take initiative and creativity working with  limited resources and executed tasking  within time frames.

While these activities further develop comradeship and confidence, this surely  freshens your future endeavour.


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